Speed limits reduced on central Pa. highways

The state Department of Transportation has temporarily reduced speed limits on central Pennsylvania highways because of the winter storm.

Speed limits have been reduced to 45 mph on Interstate 81 in Franklin, Cumberland, Dauphin and Lebanon and Schuylkill counties, on Interstate 83 in York, Cumberland and Dauphin counties, on Interstate 78 in Lebanon and Berks counties, and on Interstate 283 in Dauphin County.

Speed limits are also reduced to 45 mph on;

– Route 283 in Dauphin and Lancaster counties,

– Route 22/322 in Dauphin and Perry counties,

– Route 581 in Cumberland County,

– Route 11 in Franklin and Cumberland counties,

– Route 15 in Adams, York and Cumberland counties,

– Route 11/15 in Cumberland and Perry County counties,

– Route 30 in Lancaster and York counties, and

– Route 222 in Lancaster County between Route 30 and the Berks County line.


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