Apps and websites pay people to work out

Getting into shape never paid off as much as it does now. Apps and websites will actually pay you to achieve your fitness goals.

“I think it's a positive thing,” said Eric Ashley of York. “A lot of times you just need that one thing to get going and if a lot of people are thinking about it and there is money involved, I can see how it would motivate people.”

Take the website Healthywage for example. First, you place a bet on a fitness goal and then compete with others to achieve that goal. Whoever was able to put their money where their mouth is gets paid. 

“I would like that it would be motivation for me and my friends to get together and work out and do it all together,” Katie Knaper of York said. “I would do that with friends.”

The app Gym-Pact works in a similar fashion, while Charity Miles allows walkers, runners or bikers to donate money for every mile.

Many say this new idea might be the incentive some people need to start exercising.

“Personally I don't need the money to be motivated, so that wouldn't work for me,” Jody Ashley of York said. “However, I can see if you have never worked out before. It's a good way to get started working out with your friends and having money at the end of it all.”

But others disagree and find it to be a waste.

“If you need money to start working out, then maybe you really don't want to work out,” said Nicholas Grimes of York.

So, will people jump on the money incentive bandwagon or will this be an idea that never gets off the ground?

“I think it's a fad and I think the only thing that works is eating right and working out regularly,” Ashley said.

Only time will tell, but if you are interested in either the Gym-Pact or Charity Miles apps, both can be downloaded for free.


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