Shoppers punch in on Boxing Day knockout deals

They're back! Shoppers hit the stores the day after Christmas to return, exchange, or cash in on gift cards.

Karyn Lison pushed her daughter in the stroller, both on the prowl hunting for bargains.

“We always come out the day after Christmas,” she said. “The good deals, the good sales. It's a good time to come shopping.”

Most stores inside the Colonial Park Mall offered deep discounts ranging from 50-to-70 percent off. Most stores offered ‘Year End' clearance or semi-annual sales.

Many also use the Boxing Day holiday to take back what wasn't quite on their list.

“Just returning a few things and getting some gifts for other people,” said Todd Dagen. expected after Christmas sales will be booming following a dismal December for many retailers. found retailers reported a 3.1 percent decrease in in-store sales during the week before Christmas compared to 2012. Stores also saw less foot traffic, down 22 percent.

With the extended weekend after Christmas before the New Year, retail experts expect stores to offer discounts throughout the week. The day after Christmas has historically been a day where people buy music, movies, video games for their new tech toys according to experts.

More than 1 billion in gift cards were purchased, making them the number one gift given in 2013. Those like Ligon, that plastic cash was burning a hole in her pocket.

“We got a lot of gift cards for Christmas,” she said. “So, we decided to spend some of them.”

Online retailers like also offered discounts up to 70 percent off Thursday. For some, it's just another excuse for some retail therapy.

“It's crazy,” said Vasthie Dehart. “But, you get some good deals. It's very intense. Because everybody wants the deals and they want what they want, what they didn't get for the holiday. So, it's definitely unique.”

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