Author Spotlight: “Santa’s Magic Bootprints”

Going from rooftop to rooftop all over the world, Santa is bound to get a bit mixed up. Thank goodness he has his magic boot prints. “Santa's Magic Bootprints” is a new book by York County, PA author Dan Beard. It is a story that was first sparked many years ago by Beard's toddler grandson.

“He says, 'Poppi,' That was my nickname. It still is today,” Beard told abc27's “Good Day PA.” “Poppi, why don't we see Santa's tracks throughout the house when he brings his gifts Christmas Eve?”

Poppi promised to find out, jotted down some ideas and 14 years later he put together the entire story line.

“It starts out how Santa's return trip on Christmas Eve, upon tucking in his reindeer to bed for the night, realizes that he forgot one of his main reindeer's names,” said Beard.

Santa began to worry that after so many years on the job, he was becoming forgetful. What if he became lost on his annual travels? He sough help from Mrs. Clause.

“They devise a concoction that's called magic dust that Santa dips his boots into when he lands on the rooftops so that he can retrace his steps next year.”

The hardback book comes with 15 boot prints, a DVD, a special envelope and a letter from Santa instructing children to mail the prints back to him.

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