The stress of Christmas shopping for that special someone

Sometimes getting a gift for that special someone can be a bit stressful — especially, it seems, if you are a guy.

“Oh absolutely,” said Wesley Hall of Harrisburg. “As a man it's hard to know what a woman ever wants.”

“Absolutely,” said Todd Humphries of Boston, who was visiting Harrisburg with his wife, Tara. “Trying to figure out what she wants, it's like a needle in a haystack trying to figure that out.”

“I don't think I'm too hard to buy for,” Tara said. “Typical girl, I definitely drop hints.”

“The thing that helps, though, is not waiting till the last minute,” said Jon Buser, who operates Raretoy Studios in Carlisle. “If you get it done early, it's a little bit better. But my opinion would be, it's still kind of stressful.”

We found at least one man who said he doesn't get stressed.

“No, not at all,” said Robert Finkel of Harrisburg. “I just watch the things she's interested in all year and then look for those things.”

Do women get stressed buying for men?

“Yes, if you're struggling for money,” said Rachelle Reynolds, also with Raretoy Studios. “I think it's still hard because you want to get them something in one sense to be happy, but you're still struggling, so I think that's the hardest part.”


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