Columbia man catches young thief on camera

Mark Shaub and his wife were in New York City in early December when they had a delivery stolen from their front porch.

Shaub says he was expecting a package containing $800 worth of motorcycle parts, but his surveillance cameras recorded one of two boys grabbing the package before running off.

A neighbor found the box in their yard and returned it. Shaub gave his neighbor $20.

Mark posted the video on Facebook and says it had nearly 1,000 hits in 24 hours. A short time later, the boy who took the package and this mother knocked on his door.

The boy apologized and said he would work to pay back the money Shaub gave to his neighbor for returning the parcel.

Shaub said he decided not to call police because he felt it was a better lesson for the boy to work to pay back a debt than having his parents pay a fine.

“The parents pay the fine and what does the kid learn?” Shaub said. “This way here, I think facing me and understanding that they did wrong … I think it's more of a lesson for the kid.”

He said the boy has agreed to shovel his sidewalk the next time it snows.


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