Tim – 12/18/13

Tim a great
teen who is really looking forward to becoming part of a permanent family. Tim enjoys fishing and spent some time in Western Pennsylvania
enjoying his favorite pass time.

just catching the fish. Just throw them back in so they can get bigger,”
said Tim.

Tim's an outdoors type of young man who one day hopes to move to
Alaska. I would like to look for a family that likes to hunt and fish. I'd like
to have a mom and a dad,” said Tim.

Tim loves to eat. “I like any
type of food. Like shrimp. I'm mostly a seafood person,” said Tim.

also a scanner person and keeps one in his pocket. Tim is hoping to be a
firefighter one day. He has already made contact with a fire station. “Every
Monday night they do a drill and so one of these days I'm going to go down and
watch them and if I do like it I'm going to join the fire company,” said

How does this young man describe himself? ” I'm very easy going. I'm
very helpful with my church,” said Tim.

We want to thank our Statewide Adoption Network partner KDKA for helping us
share his story.

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