Thieves strike Dauphin Co. home during season of giving

It may be the season of giving, but someone has been stealing mail and packages right off the porch of a Dauphin County woman. Frustrated, she contacted abc27 News to tell her story.

Karen Culton has lived in her quiet Susquehanna Township neighborhood for a decade. But a few weeks ago, her mail started disappearing.

“They're low-lifes. I mean who comes up on your porch and steals your mail? They stole the bills, too but they won't pay for them,” Culton said.

But what has Culton even more angry is what happened next. She bought a dress online for her daughter. Culton checked the tracking number and the status said delivered. But when she went outside to get the package, all she found was an empty porch.

“I feel bad for people that think they have to lower themselves to do something like that,” said Culton. “Get a job. I mean I have to work for it. And whoever took mine, I really do hope those dresses fit. That just really irks me.”

But what irks Culton even more is the fact that it happened during this time of year.

“But I'm more upset because it was for my daughter,” said Culton.

Culton said it is an invasion of privacy.

“When you've lived here for so long, you don't expect somebody to come take what's in your own mailbox. I mean my name is on that mailbox. Nobody else's. We work and we pay for what we have. Then they come and they take it?” said Culton.

Culton has advice to make sure the same thing does not happen to you.

“Make sure you have a signature. Just don't let it at your door,” Culton said.

If someone steals your mail, you should report it to your local postmaster.

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