Dog recovering from slit neck; charges pending

A dog that had its neck slit before it was left to die in a wooded area near Middletown this week is now eating well and walking around, according to a veterinarian caring for the animal.

Dr. Glenn Book of Londonderry Animal Hospital said the unnamed dog will need a few more weeks of recovery before he is back to full strength and the stitches in his neck can be removed.

Book said people have already expressed interest in helping and even adopting the dog.

“The number of phone calls this morning has really kind of humbled us all,” Book said Thursday morning. “We've had, I believe, five donors so far that have called in, making donations towards his care.”

Lower Swatara Township police said tips generated on abc27's Facebook led them to two people who confessed to cutting the dog's neck with a hunting knife before leaving it along Stoner Drive.

Officers who responded to a report of an injured dog Wednesday morning were able to stop the bleeding and get the 80-pound mixed breed to the animal
hospital for emergency treatment.

Investigators expected to file charges in the case later in the day.


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