Teens using Twitter for explicit posts about classmates

Teens are now using Twitter crush accounts to anonymously post about their classmates and many times the post are sexually explicit.

A search of Twitter turned up several local Twitter crush accounts including one that appears to be for Northern York High School and East Penn Middle school.

Northern Crushes account did not have many recent posts, but previous posts used students names and mentions personal things.

One post reads, “you know it is going to be a good day when {students name} wears yoga pants to school.”

On East Penn Crushes, which states it is for 8th graders, one comment suggests two students should make a sex tape.

Local teens say Ask.FM is another website or app where teens are pushing the limits.

“There is a lot of bullying on that. I have had people that are literally in tears,” said Cryta Waller, Red Land Freshman.

Ask.FM lets you ask people questions anonymously and it can be linked to Twitter and Facebook.

“You get questions that are just ridiculous and they end up offending you in horrible ways,” said Carissa Parson, Red Land High School Freshman.

“People just say the worse possible things to you .People tell you to kill yourself. It is really terrible,” said Alvadee Boyer, Red Land Freshman

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