Five people arrested for three county crime spree


Five people are in Lancaster County prison for their suspected involvement in several armed robberies and home burglaries that took place in Lancaster, York and Dauphin Counties in 2012.  
State Police arrested 21-year-old John Carter of York County, Kyle Stauffer, 19 of Lancaster County, Brian Barnard, 21 of York County, Nicole Kilhefner, 20 of Lancaster County and Roger Strawser Jr, 41 of York County.  
Investigators say the group took guns, money, jewelry and electronics from 19 homes last year while they were not occupied and sold the items for cash on the streets.  Police say the guns were used in five armed robberies including the Hess Express in Brickerville, Lancaster County in September 2012. 
State Police say John Carter was the ring leader who was involved in every crime while the others rotated.  
Court documents show Nicole Kilhefner was Carter's girlfriend and they took part in three armed robberies together.  
Investigators say Carter fired one shot inside the Hess Express after the employee didn't hand over cash.  The worker was not hit and Carter jumped over the counter and tried to open the cash register before he left the store.
All five suspects are facing several robbery and burglary charges.  
John Carter is facing an additional charge of attempted homicide for firing a weapon.


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