York County Company Creating Future Jobs

The unemployment rate in York County could soon be dropping. The Church and Dwight company is expanding and creating 180 jobs at their York County facility by 2015. 

“Church and Dwight experience here has been a tremendous success and I am glad they are willing to stay here and grow,” said York County Commissioner Chris Reilly. 
The Church and Dwight Co. are known for making gummy vitamins. They will be pouring nearly $85 million into a new gummy vitamin production line over the next 18 months. 
“The more things that we actually create here in this county the more the economy blossoms because that money comes right back into the economy for the rest of the county,” said Mike Rentzel of York. 
With the expansion comes many more jobs. 
“There is just not enough employment here,” said Fenton West of York. 
West says the unemployment rate in the county is high. 
“There are a lot of people around here who don't have jobs that want jobs,” said West. 
In today's world jobs and job creation is at a premium. 
“More jobs than there were a year before and I think any kind of manufacturing that can brought back into York is a real bonus,” said Rentzel. 
“There is always a need, we are doing well but we can always do better,” said Reilly. 
Construction will start in Jan. of 2014 and the production line is scheduled to be operational by the start of 2015. 

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