Crafty People Returning the Favor in Mechanicsburg

In this nearly 200 year old farm house in Upper Allen Township, a group of dedicated volunteers is paying it forward. And that's something Rehab Vision, Inc. has been doing for 25 years.
They call their shop “Charity Cottage” featuring rooms full of hand made crafts and gifts. It's is a new location for the non-profit organization, but their mission remains the same: provide aid and services to patients at Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital in Mechanicsburg and help other area charities.  
Many of those  painting, sewing and selling in the shop now were once on the receiving end of these artistic efforts.
“The people who are working here in the gift shop, they've benefited from Rehab Vision,” said Theresa O'Keefe, President of Rehab Vision, Inc.  “So when customers learn that it's volunteer based. It gives them a warm, fuzzy feeling.”
One of those helped by the craft sales is 27-year-old Liz Ellis. She was provided a wheelchair while recovering from severe brain damage from an auto accident in her senior year at Carlisle High School.  
Her parents were told their daughter would most likely never walk or talk again. But, the determined former cheerleader proved them wrong. And delights now in helping those who helped her.
“It's a great feeling.  Warm and cozy,” said Ellis with a shy smile. “It's like hot chocolate.  Did you ever drink that on a really cold day?  It's like hot chocolate on a cold day.”

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