Teen thankful for help from stranger

Matthew Ott has raised thousand of dollars by selling lemonade in front of his York home and giving the proceeds to military families who are struggling financially.

Matthew was diagnosed with chronic regional pain syndrome in October. The condition is so rare that only a handful of facilities in the country provide treatment.

Matthew had severe pain in his ankle and knee and was not able to walk on his own.  John Ott had no idea where to take his son until he got a phone call from a man he never met.

Terry Resnick's daughter was diagnosed with CRPS four years ago. He said she could not walk at all when she arrived in Pittsburgh for therapy. Resnick called Ott and didn't make any guarantees, but he encouraged John to take Matthew to the Children's Institute.

Matthew spent two weeks going through intense therapy and he noticed improvement within five days.  Matthew says he was able get rid of his crutches soon after he started walking and running on the treadmill.

Matthew is back home in York County. There is no cure for his condition and he will have to continue his exercise and stretching routine for the rest of his life.

Matthew has spent the past several years giving back to others. He says he would like to go back to the Children's Institute in Pittsburgh as a volunteer to help others who are going through the treatment program.


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