Morning Fire Displaces Eleven Harrisburg Residents

A fire in
Dauphin County just before Thanksgiving morning has displaced three
families, leaving them with next to nothing this holiday weekend.

responded to the fire on the 2500 block of Lexington Street in
Harrisburg. The blaze started just before midnight in the first floor
bedroom of a row home, and quickly spread to another row home. According
to Harrisburg Fire Chief Brian Enterline, crews were able to control
the flames before they spread to any more homes. Officials believe the
fire was electrical in nature.

Neighbors described the fire as a
tragedy. “I know a lot of kids live there, and I know a lot of kids
hang out around that house. And it's just sad to see that they won't be
able to be in their own house for Thanksgiving,” said neighbor Alysce

Patricia White, another neighbor, is thankful everyone
in the fire was unharmed, “The house is burned, but the people are still
alive. They can get another place to live, they can get new clothes and
replace everything. There is some way to fix things, but you can't put
life back. “

The Red Cross is helping those displaced tonight with a place to stay and essential items.

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