Catching up with Prayer the abandoned foal

Remember Prayer? She was one of 29 horses the Humane Society seized from a Dauphin County farm.

We shared her story in February, a small foal that caretakers feared wouldn't make it.

“She was in need of a lot of nutrients and rehab because she was very small,” said Kelsey Henry, Prayer's foster caregiver.

Now flash forward to November.

“We are so happy she is still here still with us and still growing. Not at the rate she should be, but she is still growing,” said Amy Kaunas, Humane Society Executive Director.

Prayer is one feisty filly. “We've had the vet check her a few times. She's very good; she also has a attitude she likes to share,” said Henry.

“Prayer is still under our care and custody, but she is with Kelsey for her daily care, and Kelsey has done a great job with her and has bonded with her, which is very important,” said Kaunas.

Henry has big plans for Prayer. “She might do English or western, maybe barrel racer,” she said.

Prayer certainly has raced into some hearts. “I'm thankful for her… My other horses, she's happy for that too,” said Henry.

“I'm thankful for Prayer and all the animals we are able to give a second chance,” said Kaunas.

The Humane Society has about 50 horses in its care. Twelve or so are up for adoption. The Human Society could use donation of everything from tack to halter leads and saddles. You can visit their website here:

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