Lancaster County Couple brings touch of Tioga County to their Basement

Although his
home sits in Gordonville, Lancaster County, the basement is finished like an
autumn day near the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon in Tioga County. That's where
four generations of the Good family, along with their friends, have enjoyed
hunting and camping.

Pointing to
a mural surrounding half the basement walls, Ramond Good notes the hunting camp
he remains a part of even today. “This is a cabin,” said Good.
“There's seven of us went together. Bought it in 1970.”

The outdoor
portion of the setting includes a panoramic mural depicting scenery that
Raymond grew up with.

just has a real life story of the cabins that I've been hunting in over the
years,” he said. “And the good times we've had there”

The other
half of the ranch house basement is the real head turner. A replica log cabin,
complete with front porch.

you walk through the door, it's just a wow factor,” said Good, escorting
us into the cabin. “It's like you're in a real log cabin in the 1800's.
And that was my goal. To make it authentic.”

construction of this unique project began almost five years ago, planning and
dreaming for it started seven years ago, at the suggestion of Raymond's wife,
Mary Lou.

we got married he said 'I go hunting!', chuckled his wife of nearly 50 years.
” And I said 'Oh, my dad never left my mother.' He said 'I go

with only limited building skills and a library of self-help books, Raymond
spent two years constructing the cabin walls, ceiling, floor, and much of the
furniture, using wood from his Tioga County property. Mary Lou finished off
many of the items with artistic touches.

Noting the
decorative etchings on some of the chair backs, Mary Lou explained, “I
took a burning tool and burned the image of a cabin into the wood.”

built all this as a team,” she said. “And when he needed my help, I
was always there for him.”

And the
Goods love showing off their one of a kind basement do-over. In just two years,
more than 800 visitors from around the world have enjoyed this “touch of

Joining Mary
Lou on rocking chairs he built from his upstate property, Raymond summed up
their joint effort.

“It was
a lot of work, but it was worth it.”

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