Dog left in creek recovering from surgery

A dog that was tied up and thrown into the Swatara Creek near Middletown is recovering from a successful surgery. 

Lady, a two-year-old pit bull, underwent an operation Tuesday to restore a dislocated hip. She was also spayed while on the table.

Officers believe the hip injury was inflicted by her former owner, Lamont Harris, three to four weeks before she was left to die.

Lady was spotted in the Swatara Creek by a construction worker, Jason O'Donell, who was working on the Vine Street Bridge. O'Donell took Lady to the vet and called police. He is now waiting to formally adopt the dog. 

Police plan to file charges against Harris. “They're both misdemeanors of the first degree and he could face up to a $1,000 fine and no more than two years in jail, and he'll be ordered to undergo a mental evaluation,” Lower Swatara Det. Ryan Gartland said.

Officials believe Harris is in New York with family.

A fund has been set up for Lady's surgery and other expenses. To donate, contact the Harrisburg Area Animal Hospital (

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