Large sinkhole opens in Lower Allen neighborhood

Emma Lynn Conner was woken up around 5 a.m. by Lower Allen Township Police.

She and others on Deerfield Road were informed that the ground beneath them had once again opened up, this time due to a water main rupture.

What was outside dwarfed anything they had seen before.

By mid-afternoon half of Conner's driveway had been swallowed. By nightfall she told abc27 she feared that the fast-approaching cliff would compromise the entirety of the home that she had been living in for the past 50 years.

Drywall inside of her doorway had even given way.

Though fearful, Conner said with it being two days shy of Thanksgiving, she is mostly thankful no one was hurt.

“I took my car back and forth to the grocery store, to the bank,” said Conner. “Cars come down the hill…anyone of us could have dropped into a hole.”

Temporary patchwork could be completed within two days. A more permanent solution can not be installed before spring.

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