Dog tied up and thrown in Swatara Creek

Jason O'Donell doesn't rescue dogs full-time, but the construction worker had no problem cutting his workday short after finding a dog tied up in a Lower Swatara Township creek.

Nearly two weeks ago, O'Donell—a crane operator from Mifflintown—was working on the Vine Street Bridge which spans the Swatara Creek outside of Middletown. That's when he and some coworkers noticed a helpless dog in its cold waters. O'Donell rushed to help.

“There she was, lying half in the water. I took off my jacket and wrapped my jacket up around her,” O'Donell said.

The dog, a two-year-old pit bull named Lady, was shivering and shaking. O'Donell said her legs were tied, causing deep cuts. He later found out her hip was dislocated.

He took the pup to the vet and called police.

“Why would you ever, ever want to do something like that? It doesn't make any sense to me at all,” O'Donell said.

He has been taking care of Lady, who is due for hip surgery on Monday. He is also in the process of formally adopting her.

“She'll be fine, she'll be fine with me, ” O'Donell said.

Lady may have recently given birth to puppies.

Lower Swatara Township Police have been investigating. The department is prepping to file animal cruelty charges against the person they believe is responsible. There may also be charges stemming from prior abuse.

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