Duncannon issues boil water advisory

Duncannon residents ordered to conserve water yesterday are now being told to boil any water used for consumption.

The borough on Friday issued a boil water advisory, effective immediately.

Until further notice, borough officials said any water that is to be used for consumption purposed should be boiled first.

According to guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, water should reach a rolling
boil for
one minute, then allowed to cool before it is poured into
a clean container
and covered for

Tap water
should be boiled even
if it is filtered.

Boiled or bottled water should be used for washing fruits and vegetables, drinking, baby formula, washing food preparation surfaces, brushing teeth and making ice. Water given to pets should also be boiled or bottled, according to the CDC.

When preparing food, water should reach a rolling
boil for
one minute
is added.

generally are
use if the water
a final rinse temperature
of at
least 150 degrees
or if the dishwasher
has a sanitizing cycle, according to the CDC.

dishes by
hand, the CDC recommends washing and rinsing with hot water, then soaking rinsed dishes for at least one minute in a separate
basin that has one teaspoon
of unscented
household liquid bleach for
each gallon of warm

The dishes should be allowed to air dry

Mandatory water restrictions in Duncannon remain in effect. Any unnecessary used of water are strictly forbidden until further notice.


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