Fire victims don’t know where to turn for help

Shelva Lomax knows things can take a turn for the worst in an instant.

Earlier this week she had an apartment, a place to stay, until a fire ripped through the building early Thursday morning.

She could salvage very little.

Lomax has been living at the Days Inn in Susquehanna Township with her two young daughters ever since. The Red Cross is footing the bill. Monday morning her time at the hotel is up, and she must find a new place to stay. She is thankful for the assistance, however, she has nowhere to turn.

“I have no other option,” Lomax tearfully told abc27 Friday night.

She says she contacted apartment management. She was told she could not return to the damaged apartment, and there are no others available. She also contacted area shelters, but they too said they're full.

Her fight for housing continued by calling local and state officials, even lawmakers, but to no avail.

“On Monday what am I going to do? I have to get the stuff out of here, but where do I take it to?” Lomax said.

Staying at the Days Inn a floor below Lomax is Miriam Arocha. She is also fire victim who could save next to nothing and doesn't know where she will go come Monday. She is a mother of five.

“My son's birthday is next Wednesday. I have no home for my son,” Arocha.

Both mothers say they are going to keep pushing throughout the weekend, hoping things will take a turn for the better.

The fire was ruled accidental. No word yet on cause. Fire officials are set to take a closer look on Monday.

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