Charity during the holidays: Are you a jerk for saying no?

It's the time of year when a lot of groups, companies and people are asking for money to help the less fortunate.

“It really doesn't bother me because I know the situation in the world now,” said Luann Jones of Harrisburg.

“Sometimes it can be where you feel a little guilty and you have to donate,” said Christa Bender of Dauphin. “But it's the season. You have to.”

In the last couple years it's taken the form of retail firms asking if you'd like to donate a dollar for such-and-such. I confess I say no a fair amount of times, but I'm not alone.

“I usually don't donate, but I feel guilty if I don't,” said Crystal Mullis, who added that many times she questions where the money is actually going.

“I don't always say yes,” said Nikki Moyers of Mechanicsburg. “I can't always say yes because I'm someone who's paying back $60,000 in student loans. I can't always say yes to giving someone a dollar because sometimes I need that dollar.”

So it is better to give than receive, but you may not be able to give all the time. And no one is in a position to judge you.

“I feel like the cashier sometimes judges you,” said Erika Maury of Harrisburg. “But they don't know that you already donated money to organizations outside of this.”

“In the times that I do say no,” said Katherine Talada, “it's because I've already done it once or several times, but mostly I say yes.”

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