Therapy pony making great strides

Judd is a foal at the Capital Area Therapeutic Riding Association in Grantville that has captured hearts here in the Midstate and across the world.

The colt can't stand on his own and wears splints.

“When he was born his front legs were very small, very underdeveloped, almost like a little deer leg when you looked at his bone structure,” said Ben Nolt of CATRA.

After months of medical care and some tender loving care, he is doing much better since abc27 first shared Judd's story in early October.

“All his growth plates are where they should be. He's set for success,” Nolt said.

Now Judd is off and running. The foal is spirited and splints don't slow him down.

“Judd has grown by leaps and bounds. He's gained a lot of weight since you saw him first,” said Nolt.

It was love at first sight for many viewers who came to the financial rescue of this nonprofit to help care for Judd.

“Friday night, when the story aired on Channel 27, it was picked up Monday morning by Huffington Post. By Monday night, People e-Magazine picked it up, and by Tuesday it went around the world,” Nolt said. “We've had response from France, Germany, England, Canada, the United States, Hawaii and even an email inquiry from Brazil.”

So far, CATRA'S received $7,600 to cover Judd's medical and other upkeep costs.

“It's somewhere between 10 and 20 dollars a day now to keep him maintained,” said Nolt. “He has special shoes to give him a wider base of support and to encourage him to walk normally.”

Nolt's wife Shirley gives Judd therapy and changes his bandages daily.

“We still re-wrap him, the splints were lower than they were but the lower part below the knee still needs splinting,” she said.

Judd is so popular he has his own Facebook page. If you would like to help with Judd's care or to find out more about CATRA, visit


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