Middletown holds vigil For Radabaugh family

With candles in hand, the Middletown community braved Friday night's cold weather to hold a vigil for the Radabaugh family, who lost their home and all of their possessions in a fire.

Though all four of their children have been treated for injuries sustained in the fire and released, George and Heather Radabaugh remain hospitalized in critical condition at Lehigh Valley Burn Center.

“Nobody should have to go through this and I think that's the biggest thing. Everyone is just here to show them support and to let them know there are people willing to help them,” said Cherri Yost of Middletown.
Help is just what this community has provided with tons of donations, prayers and well wishes.
“It's a shame that it takes things like this to actually bring people together, but Middletown has always come together they have had a lot of issues here in town over the years but they band together when they need to,” said Thomas Handley of Middletown. 
The outpouring of support has even surprised some of its own residents.
“I am just stunned about how much the community has come together, I didn't think the town had it in them but they actually opened up their hearts and its amazing what they are doing,” said Michelle Benecke of Middletown. 
Benecke says Middletown is finally showing its true colors. 
“I have more pride in this town than I had before,” said Benecke. 
Friday Night's vigil was the latest effort to help a family recover, but the community said it won't be the last.

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