Victim recounts robber beating her with a brick

The victims in a brutal attack in Lancaster are expected to be okay.

Police said a man beat a 91-year old man and a women in her 60s with a brick.

According to officials, it happened on the first block of E. Filbert St. around 11 p.m. Tuesday, when a man in his twenties forced his way inside the home of Sandra Geibe.

“Pushed the door open then started hitting me with a cement block that was sitting out there… He pushed me so hard I fell on the floor, and he kept hitting me,” Geibe said. “'Give me your money.' I said, 'All I have is $1.50.'”

Geibe's attacker went and got the money, beating her 91-year-old housemate with the brick in the process.

“And Bob even prayed three times because Bob thought he was dead,” Geibe said. “Well I talked to him on the phone, and he seems like he's doing better.”

Both victims are expected to make a full recovery.

Police said the suspect targeted their home but would not say why. Investigators are not sure if any material possessions were stolen. But what was taken is Geibe's sense of security.

“I'm scared to be here by myself because I don't know what would happen if he comes back,” Geibe said, crying. “He'd probably break the window or something and get in. I'm just scared.”

Geibe's neighbors and friends are also scared and outraged.

“And what she have, $1.50? That's what I heard. For $1.50? Come on, you serious? Hurting innocent people for that? If you need money, get a job,” said Rosa Pacheco, a neighbor.

“Cops, catch him. Catch him please. Get him behind bars where he belongs. No pity on him,” said Tammy Perry, a friend of he victims.

Police are still looking for the suspect. Anyone with information on the brutal assault should call Lancaster City police.

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