Some Navy Depot workers still not getting paid from shutdown

There are nine police officers at the Navy Depot in Mechanicsburg who have still not received back-pay from the federal government shutdown this month. And they actually worked through it!

Some 30 officers were told they would have to work through the shutdown without pay. However…

“When the Defense Secretary figured out that he could pay them under the Pay Our Military Act, they were supposed to have been paid on October 11th,” said Jim Ulman, the President of Local 1156 of the American Federation of Government Employees.

Except they weren't paid. But a new plan came out from the regional headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia.

“They told us every thing will be corrected and will be in on the 25th of October,” said depot police officer Richard Chamberlain.

But once again, none of the 30 officers got checks.

“Then they said they have a special pay coming in this Thursday and Friday,” said Chamberlain.

The checks did come in—for 20 of the officers. Chamberlain was not one of them. He's understandably frustrated.

“I called my creditors, and they still want their money,” he said. “But they're helping us.”

Here's what makes it even more of a head-shaker: “Folks who were furloughed and didn't work,” said Ulman. “They all got paid.”

When will they actually get paid? Maybe next week. Maybe not.

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