Rocks Rule in Yeagertown Collector’s Home

He's never
really stopped to count them, but Jerry Wilson of Yeagertown has a story for
every one of the rocks, gems and fossils in his collection.

have all crystal here. Different colors,” said Wilson, pointing proudly to
one of several shelves of colorful crystals. They came from different places in
the United States. We are what they call Rock Hounds.”

In just the
upstairs portion of his collection, several states and countries are

Pointing out
coral pieces from Costa Rica, Wilson added “I have things from all over
the world. And holding a crystal next to it, Wilson added “This piece came
out of Mexico.”

The 75 year
old retired steel worker says his interest in geological finds began nine years
ago as a way to remember his trips around the country with his wife Gwen.

we travel I like to pick something up or have a memento to show where we've
been. Then I bring it home and I label it. And if I don't know what it is, I
get on the Internet and try to find out what type of rock it is.”

To better
show off the collection, Wilson highlights some of the rocks and crystals with
special lighting. Between trips, Wilson is in constant touch with fellow rock
hounds from around the country.

” I run
into people that's willing to trade some of their items for some of my items.
It's just a lot of fun,” he said.

Parts of his
collection came from mines. Others were found at tourist areas. But much of his
display was found with just an eye to the ground.

take your time and you look,” Wilson explained. “You always walk with
your head down and you find quite a bit,” he added with a chuckle.

And Wilson's
hobby has expanded from just collecting items to converting some of the stones
and gems into beautiful jewelry. And with several more trips planned, Wilson
says his next concern is where to put everything he brings home.

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