Pa. House gets bill to post ‘In God We Trust’ in schools

A bill that would require Pennsylvania's public school districts to display “In God We Trust” in all public school buildings has cleared its first legislative hurdle.

House Bill 1728 was reported out of the House Education Committee by a 14-9 vote Wednesday.

The bill's sponsor, Rep. Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny/Washington), says the measure would promote patriotism through the display of the national motto, and would educate children about an important but overlooked part of Pennsylvania's heritage.

Saccone says former Pennsylvania governor James Pollock, while previously serving as director of the United States Mint in Philadelphia, is responsible for the motto's first appearance on coins nearly 150 years ago.

Under his proposal, the National Motto Display Act, the words “In God We Trust” would be displayed on a mounted plaque or in some other form prominently displayed in each school building.

Only one of the ten Democrats on the Education Committee voted for the bill, and only one of the 15 Republican committee members voted against it.


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