West York parking meter decision not unanimous

Parking meters in West York are being cleaned out, unscrewed and dismantled after a majority of the borough decided to remove them.

“There is a lot of tension with the vote,” councilman Brian Wilson said.

Walt Anderson's business and many others have been affected by the meters for years. 

“Half of my customers park at Turkey Hill and I don't think that's fair to Turkey Hill,” Anderson said.

Anderson says taking down the meters should help boost business.

“I think it's a positive thing to get rid of them because I think they need to try and get more businesses to come into West York to make up some of the money,” he said.

But losing the meters means the borough will lose thousands of dollars of revenue each year.

“It's going to affect the borough negatively,” Wilson said. “That's $28,000 that we are going to lose in revenue. It seems small, but it's a large chunk of money that we depend on.”

Wilson says it is a real possibility that jobs will be lost to make up the difference. If it comes down to workers losing their jobs or coughing up a few quarters to park, Craig Edwards of West York would rather pay.

“I hate to see somebody lose their job, I mean it's income for the borough,” Edwards said. “I hate to see the borough lose money.”

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