Brawl brings football game to a halt

A bench-clearing brawl brought Friday night's Steel High/Susquenita football game to an end before the half.

It's unclear why the large fight started.  The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association will investigate.


The brawl broke out during a punt return with Steel High winning 25-0.  When things calmed down, both teams were sent to the locker room and a number of players were ejected from the rest of the game.  Then, officials decided to cancel the game for the night.
A shaken family member tells abc27, at least one player likely needed stitches.  
Steel High coach Tom Hailey told our Josh Reed, “It's an unfortunate thing that happened.  I'm not going to try to put the blame on either side. We were playing the way we normally play, nothing different. It's just an unfortunate incident and hopefully a lesson can be learned.”
It's possible the game will be completed another day.


Some say the two teams have a history of bad blood.

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