Police: School incident not a child luring attempt

A man sought by police for what was a suspected child luring attempt at Spring Grove Middle School has been located, and authorities now say he committed no crime.

Northern York County Regional Police said they were able to confirm the man's story that he truly had lost his dog and was asking everyone he saw if they had seen it.

Police initially believed he was attempting to lure two 12-year-old girls from the parking lot of the middle school when he asked them about the dog and waived them over to the passenger side door of his pickup just after 10 a.m.

The girls were in the parking lot of the school while outside for a gym class. When a gym teacher noticed what was happening and intervened, police said the man left the parking lot.

His family called police and the school district after learning of the incident to explain that he had made an innocent mistake, investigators said.

Authorities interviewed him and concluded he had no criminal intent, but used “extremely poor judgment” in approaching the students and leaving before telling the witnessing teacher what he was doing, police said.

The incident prompted the school to move all outside activities indoors and cancel sports practices for the day.

Officials did not release the man's name.

They said his dog was eventually found in a different part of the borough.


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