Support for medical marijuana bill grows

The medical marijuana debate is back at the State Capitol: Senate bill 770, known as the Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act, would legalize the drug for those with certain diseases and chronic pain.

It's not the first time a bill like this has been introduced, but this time it's getting a little more attention and support.

“It's certainly being talked about a lot more than it had, and I think there is some bipartisan support,” said Senator Rob Teplitz (D) of Dauphin County.

The bill would legalize the use of medical marijuana for people suffering from conditions like cancer, HIV, painful diseases and seizures.

“It would be a big step for this state,” Teplitz continued. “That's why my position would be under tight supervision by a doctor with controls to make sure that its being used for legitimate reasons, those are the parameters that I would support.”

Harrisburg mom Latrisha Bentch is supporting the bill; her 5-year-old daughter Anna suffers from epilepsy and has up to 80 seizures a day.

“We should all be able to give our child a medicine that is finally going to halt their seizure activity without giving them all of the dangerous side effects that come along with all of the other anti-convulsants,” said Bentch.

Critics argue marijuana has a potential for abuse and say studies show it has a harmful effects on the brain. The bill is currently sitting in committee.

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