Midstaters react to local $2 million Powerball ticket

The hopes were as high as the stakes: Shoppers inside the Silver Spring Wegmans checked and rechecked their Powerball numbers…for a very good reason.

A $2 million ticket was sold at the store, but the “who” is still a mystery.

As word spread, suddenly everyone—even those who didn't buy tickets—seemed to have dollar signs in their eyes and smiles on their faces.

“You have to play to win, and that's the problem. I don't normally ever play, but I'm happy it happened around here,” said customer Becky Davis.

The store itself will be awarded $10,000 for being the lucky seller…meaning employees will be cashing in, ticket or not.

“Part of that money is actually shared in a fund that we used to celebrate with our employees,” said Wegmans store manager Bob Finn.

Parties and picnics on the lotto's dime: Not a bad deal! But could lightning strike in the same place twice?

“I'm glad to see it finally got home,” added Silver Spring Township's Skip Butler, who likes to think it could happen again. “It's really a wish more than just a dream.”

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