Harrisburg leaders reflect on city’s recovery plan

A Commonwealth Court judge is expected to give Harrisburg's recover plan the “thumbs up” in the next day or two. The judge said in court the plan is the best direction for the city going forward.

It was a big day for the city of Harrisburg, and an emotional moment for outgoing mayor Linda Thompson.

She says she'll be passing off a “better” baton than the one that was handed to her: “To be called into this leadership position at the worst time in the city's history and to be able to endure all that came with it and come out on top with this kind of legacy is an honor,” she said.

Supporters say the plan will relieve Harrisburg of the incinerator debt, allow elected officials to run the city sooner, and provide a balanced budget for the next four years.

Solicitor and mayoral candidate Dan Miller isn't quite as optimistic.

“I think those assumptions are incorrect, and the numbers are incorrect, and I think they omitted some important potential expenses,” he said.

State Representative and former Harrisburg council member Patti Kim remembers when the trust level was low.

“General Lynch was all in, and everyone put down their guard, and we started to listen and started to understand that they are trying to do what is best for the city,” she said.

A deal still has to be reached with firefighters, and the parking lot plan has to be put in place. Meanwhile Receiver General William Lynch says Harrisburg residents must become informed voters.

“Harrisburg didn't get to this state overnight; it took a long time. However, good people have to be involved in city government and run for office.”

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