Feds to switch kids from CHIP to Medicaid

The popular CHIP program, the pilot for the national initiative just like it, will see a drastic change. Nearly 50,000 children now enrolled are set to switched to Medicaid due to the new healthcare law.

Governor Corbett tried to put a stop to the switch; however, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services denied a request to waive the requirement.

Opponents say this will disrupt care for nearly 50,000 children currently enrolled in CHIP, or Children's Health and Insurance Program. Over 185,000 total are enrolled.

The change is set to take effect January 1.

State officials are hoping to slow down the impending transition.

“Some children may not be able to see the same doctor's because the provider network between CHIP and medical assistance are different,” said Melissa Fox, Press Secretary for the PA Insurance Department.

Proponents say kids of the Keystone State are better off with Medicaid anyway, as the coverage is more comprehensive.

The state is trying to iron out the details, and that includes alerting the families of those potentially effected.

A family of four making less than $32,000 annually should expect a change, state officials say.

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