York County Sportsmen Open Fire for Navy SEALS

Thanks in
part to a loveable little beagle named Spike, the United States Navy SEALS are
getting some badly needed help in the form of a sporting clay shoot to benefit
the Navy SEAL Foundation. It is an event that was organized last year after
Brian Kimball learned that the previous owner of his newly adopted dog was a
Navy SEAL killed in action.

we got Spike, we did a little research on the Navy SEALS, just out of curiosity,
said Kimball. ” And I came across the Navy SEAL Foundation website and saw
that they have all kinds of charity and fundraiser for the SEALS and their

In its first
year, the shoot raised more than 7-thousand dollars for the foundation. That money
is used for family support services, including memorial-related expenses,
scholarships and tuition assistance for dependents. The foundation also
supports morale building efforts such as children's sports days and campouts.

For Rich
Brunner of Newport, the shoot will be more than a fun afternoon. His son has
been part of the Naval Special Warfare community for 13 years.

think the big thing is that this means that somebody cares,”said Brunner.
“Somebody recognizes what these men and women are doing in our armed
forces. The things that we don't see every day, or we don't even know

From a five
station elevated stand or at stops along a winding ground course at the Central
Penn Sporting Clay facility, it'll be a multi-gun salute to those at the tip of
the spear in the war against global terrorism.

all, at the end of the day,” said Kimball, “they're the ones that
keep us safe and let us do things like come out here and shoot and enjoy our
every day life and routine.”

And Brunner
added about his son, “He's pretty much in your thought every day.”

More information:

Sporting Clay Shoot
Central Penn Sporting Clay, 75
Quarry Rd, Wellsville, PA

Benefit: Navy SEAL Foundation

Saturday, September 14, 3:00 to 9:00 pm

More info:  bdktoys@comcast.net   

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