Ex-funeral director pleads guilty in theft case

A former Mechanicsburg funeral
director has admitted in court that he stole from more than a hundred
customers who paid for their arrangements in advance.

Boyd Lee Myers Jr., 52, pleaded guilty Thursday to 165 felony counts in Cumberland County Court.

Myers admitted he stole more than $500,000 from his clients over a 15-year period while he was the funeral director at the former Myers Funeral Home in Mechanicsburg.

“We had motions we thought about filing,” defense attorney Karl Rominger said. “Boyd said to me, 'I don't want anybody to think I am not taking responsibility for what happened.' He was not stealing this money and running off with it. He was using it to run a failing business, and that is going to come clear at sentencing.”

The Myers Funeral Home was sold in 2010 and is under new ownership. The new owners of the business, now called the Myers-Buhrig Funeral Home, vowed to take care of those who lost money with Myers.

“We have lived up to all the promises that we made to all of the families that experienced deaths in their family,” said Bob Buhrig, owner of the Myers-Buhrig Funeral Home. “We gave them full credit for principal paid plus interest, voluntarily, so that they had that as a security blanket. We will continue to honor those.”

“We are very grateful that he has acknowledged what he has done,” Buhrig said of Myers. “It will help people heal, and that's a good thing.”

Myers is scheduled for sentencing November 26.


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