Parking changes, less congestion at McDevitt game

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Following a parking and traffic nightmare for last week Bishop McDevitt game, things were much tamer on Friday.

Police from Swatara and Lower Paxton townships said people who showed up to last week's game ended up blocking streets with their cars, and there was a lot of traffic congestion.

Officials were concerned because if there had been an emergency, first responders would not have been able to get through.

Those in the Chatham Glen neighborhood couldn't believe it. “Pure craziness,” Wendy Legge said.

As a result, for future games police are restricting parking to one side of the road in the neighborhood across from the school. Police will have signs up and extra officers on hand. They said they will ticket and tow violators.

Some people will have to park and walk further, but police said it's the only way to keep the streets open and safe.

Something many didn't mind.

However, for those who parked at the high school, it took awhile to leave.

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