Wild car chase damages vehicles in Middletown

Police are looking for a man who fled on foot after a wild pursuit damaged several parked cars in Middletown.

“It was like being in a movie,” said Tina Shirley. “I stood upstairs for a few seconds. I froze, I couldn't move.”

Shirley said she was in disbelief as she watched a driver slam into her Chevrolet Tahoe from her bedroom window.

Several neighbors were awakened by the commotion along Ann Street Thursday night.

Lower Swatara Township police said one of their officers was doing speed detail near the Middletown Home on Route 230 when the officer clocked a Nissan Altima traveling 65 mph in a 45 mph zone.

Police said the driver was pulled over down the road near the intersection of Route 230 and Ann Street, but when the officer approached the car, the driver floored the gas pedal and sped down Ann Street.

Debbie Fuller, who lives on Catherine Street, said she heard screeching tires and engines revs around 10 p.m. She went outside with her husband and remembers thinking, “What is going on? Where is he going?”

Fuller said she watched the driver circle the block several times with police in pursuit.

Shirley, who lives around the corner on Ann Street, watched the chase simultaneously.

She said after a fourth or fifth lap around the block, the fleeing driver slammed into her SUV for a second time. She said the driver then ran into the curb and blew out a tire.

She pointed to a groove in the middle of the street made by the bare rim as the drive made a figure-eight and turned right onto Catherine Street.

That's when Fuller said the driver smashed into her driver's side rearview mirror with such force that the mirror was later found halfway down the block.

She said the driver stopped and ran away on foot. Neighbors said surrounding police departments helped search for the man.

As of late Friday afternoon, police had not located the suspect. Investigators said they did recover the man's shoes and impounded the car.

“I'm just thankful there was no one hurt more so than anything,” Fuller said. “If it would've been during the day, we would have usually kids. There's probably close to 20 kids in this neighborhood.”

Shirley echoed the sentiment.

“A car or truck can be replaced and repaired,” she said. “I'm just thankful no one got hurt.”

Shirley said she is fed up with similar recent situations in her neighborhood.

“It's unreal,” she said. “It's like the third high-speed chase through this town, and it needs to stop.”


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