Parents blast Chambersburg dress code

Parents and students are up in arms over a new, strict dress code in the Chambersburg School District.

The school year just started, and hundreds of kids have already gotten into trouble.

Parents say the policy goes too far. Thursday night, they voiced their opinions on the issue at a meeting.

The policy includes a lot of restrictions. For example, florescent rainbow hair colors are not allowed and shirts can't show your collar bone.

District officials claim the policy will promote a better learning environment, but parents say there are better issues the leaders should be focusing on.

“To me, clothes don't make you smart or stupid,” said parent Matthew Marks, “You're going to school to learn. You're not going for a fashion show.”

“Do we want a kindergarten child not to want to come to school? No. Do we want a straight-A student in the high school being upset about having a violation and having a record? No,” said Superintendent Dr. Joseph Padassak.

He says they are considering making changes to the policy.


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