Wounded Veterans ride bikes to help others

Denny Salisbury and Nathan DeWalt served in different branches of the
military but these days they are on the same team.

Both take part in the Ride to
Recovery effort. The program is designed to raise money to help improve the
health and welfare of wounded war veterans.

Salisbury and DeWalt met a few weeks ago while taking part in a bicycle ride
from Chicago to Detroit. Salisbury, a marine, was wounded in 2007 while serving
in Iraq. His vehicle was destroyed by an improvised explosive device. He was the
only person who walked away from the explosion.

DeWalt was hit by a cab when he was participating in pre-deployment training
and was paralyzed from the waste down. He uses a hand cycle during events. Both
say riding bicycles gives them a chance to bond with other wounded veterans who
are trying to adjust to life after being injured or suffering from post
traumatic stress.

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