D.A. will not pursue charges in police use of excessive force

The York County District Attorney cleared Springettsbury Township Police Officers of using excessive force in an alleged abuse case from 2011.
Two Springettsbury Police Officers were accused of assault during an arrest in a 2011 domestic disturbance.
The alleged victim says she had a “bipolar episode” after a night of drinking. According to paperwork, she was suicidal and family members were attempting to calm her down when they called police.
Sergeant Charles Mory Jr., an expert in police use of force, described the female subject as “agitated, sounded intoxicated, resistant, uncooperative and swearing while handcuffed, and in custody in the back of the patrol vehicle,” after reviewing video obtained from the police vehicle.
Mory says, “the choice of force options by the custody officers created a chance of injury to the suspect, but appeared to be in response to the fluid, volatile encounter in the backseat of the patrol vehicle.” 
The District Attorney says he will not file charges in this case saying the officers were attempting to control an “out of control” situation and never intended to hurt the female. 

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