Colonial Park Church in Touch with their community

There were
trucks that plow the sleet and snow. Trucks that lift, and some that tow.
Trucks you fill with rocks and dirt. And vehicles called when someone's hurt.
There were horns and sirens for all to hear, as big imaginations kicked into

just exciting to see them and to watch the parents and children interacting as
they look at these various trucks and vehicles,” said Reverend Gary
Firster of Colonial Park Community Baptist Church in Harrisburg, talking about
the church's second year community event.

It was a
chance for little hands to take the wheel and pretend for a moment that it's

operator. We have a fire. We need water,” said one little boy, pretending
to use the radio of a truck from the Colonial Park Fire Company.

It was a
hands-on event, designed for kids, parents and all the sibs. There was lots to
touch, trucks of all kind, organized by a church, with one goal in mind.

wanted to reach out to our community and provide for them a nice, good
wholesome day of entertainment,” said Reverend Firster. “To reach out
to the children and show them some of the trucks they see in our

And, for the
men and women who run these cool rigs, they got to show off their work place

Lower Paxton
Police officer Rich Wable was kept busy showing all the bells and whistles of
his cruiser, to the kid and parents. “Obviously, at events like these, it provides
a golden opportunity to influence young people in a positive manner,” said
Wable. “We're able to joke around with the kids and meet the parents. It's
kind of an ice breaker, if you will.”

For some of
the youngsters who were able to stay, there were games and crafts as part of
the day. Along the way, there were souvenirs, reminders of fun for many years.

For all
those attending, the day was a win, as seen on a little guy's ear to ear grin.

Out and
about with trucks and their crews, I'm Chuck Rhodes, reporting the news.

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