Harrisburg officials urge city residents to take active role in public safety

Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson has only months to go in her term in office, but she is still reaching out to residents.

Thursday night, she brought many members of her administration with her to meet with the public at the Harrisburg Hilton to encourage them to take an active role in public safety.

“We are locked in arms with you to stabilize our neighborhoods and make them peaceful neighborhoods,” Thompson said. “This is a great city.”

Residents also got a chance to hear from the new police chief, Thomas Carter.

“The only way that the police can work for you is if you work for us,” Carter said. “Call us. Let us know. I guarantee we will work for you, that officers will be there.”

Codes officer David Patton assured residents they try their best to make sure landlords keep up with their properties, no matter where they live.

“We have hundreds and hundreds of property owners that are out of state,” said Patton. “We actually even have a lot of property owners that are out of the country. We have Russia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Europe. They're just all over the place.”

Patton said the city has been making progress on demolishing rundown buildings.

“Since 2000, we've demolished over 500 properties in the city. That's pretty significant,” Patton said.

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