Harrisburg microcreamery ‘Urban Churn’ set to rise to the top

Labor Day
weekend marks the unofficial end of summer. School is back in session, football
season has kicked off, and the air is becoming crisper with each passing day.
Although ice cream is a cool way to beat the heat — the sweet treat is
delicious any time of the year.

That's the
brainchild of Adam Brackbill, the man who hopes to give people flavorful brain
freezes starting this fall by opening ‘Urban Churn'. Brackbill will take a
longtime family tradition of making ice cream in Juniata County and give it a
city twist.

generations-old family recipes and combining fresh local ingredients,
Brackbill's ice cream inventions include mocha cappuccino using coffee from
Little Amps Coffee Shop in Olde Uptown.

The famed Milano cookies have taken a
new life with his shaved chocolate mint Milano flavor that may help those get
through a break up. But, the crème' de la crème creation will most likely become
his signature flavor – beer ice cream.

partnered with up-and-coming Harrisburg microbrewery ‘Alter Ego' to make a
stout-flavored chocolate ice cream that if eaten by the gallon may give people
more than just a buzz off flavor.

wants to try something new, ya know,” said Brackbill. “Some people just get
tired of the plain vanilla and chocolate…there's nothing special about that.
And, I thought why not be crazy with it and add unique flavors. It's what makes
it cool.”  

Urban Churn
is set to open up mid-October inside the Midtown Cinema in Harrisburg. Brackbill
said he is looking into several partnerships that would include Little Amps and
Yellowbird Café to sell his tasty pints.

Urban Churn will also have its own
website where customers can challenge Brackbill to come up with whatever crazy
creations one could imagine. He said he plans to put a special section with 10
or 12 season ingredients and let people make tailored made flavors to purchase.
Around $2.50 – $3.50 for a pint – that beats most national competitors' price

For Brackbill
– ice cream is meant to be pain free – ya know, despite the occasional brain

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