NRC holds meeting to discuss demolishing infamous reactor

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission held a
public meeting at the Hershey Lodge Wednesday night to discuss a report to
decommission, or tear down Three Mile Island's Unit 2. The reactor at the center
of the nation's worst nuclear power plant accident.

A plan that could take affect decades from now was
the topic of discussion at a public meeting hosted by the U.S. Regulatory
Commission Wednesday night.

A plan that if put into place would change the
face of Three Mile Island.

It was submitted by First Energy Corp., the
company which ones Unit 2. The reactor at the center of the nation's worst
nuclear power plant accident back in 1979.

99% of the radioactive material has been removed.
Unit 2 has been shutdown since the accident.

The plan, officially called the, Post Shutdown
Decommissioning Activities Report, calls for Unit 2 to remain in it's dormant
state until the year 2034. That is when active Unit 1's license expires.

Decommissioning would continue about a decade
later, and end with both units basically demolished by about 2055.

However, it all may not happen. According to
Exelon Spokesperson Ralph DeSantis, the company operating Unit One.

The license could be renewed, “It's just too
early,” DeSantis said.

Those at First Energy said the decommission on
Unit 2 will only begin once the other reactor is out of service as well.

At Thursday's meeting those with the NRC wanted to
hear from the public. While the plan discussed the future, some upset residents
and activists chose to discuss the past.

“The irony, the insult of the accident is that very few people around
here ever derive any electrical benefit and we are still dealing with it 35
years later.” Eric Epstein with the watchdog group Three Mile Island
Alert said.

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