Source: Harrisburg school union voted to cut jobs

Mass furloughs are expected to hit the Harrisburg School District. A source tells abc27 News that members of one union have voted to eliminate their colleagues instead of a wage cut across the board.

According to a source close to negotiations, AFSCME Local 13 voted 83-59 Thursday to strike down a contract that cut wages by five percent and increased health benefit concessions.

Instead, the source said the union opted to eliminate custodians and maintenance workers.

AFSCME Local 13 represent nearly 220 non-certification employees in the school district. It was unclear how many positions would be eliminated, but the source said “mass furloughs” are imminent.

Under the district's recovery plan, only four positions would have been furloughed. The plan had requested that the union reduce the benefit burden on the district.

“I am disappointed,” Chief Recovery Officer Gene Veno said. “This was not a part of the recovery plan. I'm afraid mass cuts are coming. I strongly encourage AFSCME to go back to the table and rethink this decision before Monday.”

Veno said that if AFSCME does not listen to him, they will most likely cut positions over the weekend. It is likely the cuts would begin Monday, the first day of school.


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