Tyler – 7/31/13

Clark Creek in Middle Paxton Township is a
hit with Tyler. This teen enjoys the great outdoors.

“I like walking in the
woods cause there's lots of stuff to look at,” said Tyler. Tyler is
very inquisitive and has a great sense of humor. “I'm funny,” said

Dani Brien is Tyler's Case Worker. “He makes me laugh constantly. He really loves doing things with people,
he loves meeting people, he loves being outside, learning new things.”

In fact, Tyler already knows what he wants to be when he grows up. “A doctor,” said Tyler. Notre Dame is on his college list.

This teen needs a
family to nurture him. Tyler has been in foster care for about 4 years.

“It's been a tough thing for him. He had two different homes where he
thought, both times he thought they were stable homes and they were not so he's
sitting in a shelter for now,” said Brien.

Tyler would like a two parent
family with older siblings. “I kind of want to live in the city so that if
I wanted to go in the woods it wouldn't just be in my backyard, it would
be more like something, because if you live in the country and stuff you can
always go there and its not anything special its just where you live,” said

“I want Tyler to be happy really, I think he needs stability, he needs
security thats the biggest thing for Tyler” said Brien.

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