DA: No charges against man who fatally shot Lancaster teen

Prosecutors have decided not to file charges against a Lancaster man who fatally shot a teenager outside his home in February.

Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman said evidence backs up Ismar Martin's account that he retreated out of fear for his own life as he fired at 17-year-old David Montes.

Montes was struck in the chest by a bullet and died a short time later at Lancaster General Hospital.

Authorities said Montes and two companions had gone to the 400 block N. Queen Street on the night of February 13 and confronted Martin at his doorstep in a dispute over money.

Martin told investigators that Montes punched him in the face, and that when the teen and his companions appeared to be pulling guns, he pulled his own gun and fired two shots as he ran back into his house.

Stedman said one shell casing
from Martin's firearm was recovered from his porch and the other was found inside
the home.

He said it is also clear that least one gunman fired at Martin. A
revolver with one spent round in the cylinder was found near where
Montes was located by police.

The district attorney added that if any new information comes to light, it will be considered and the case can be reviewed.


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